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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, the Avante system uses facings cut from real bricks. The brick facings are then profiled to fit into a steel rail system, mortar is then added delivering a “real” brick look and feel.
A. Approx. weight of 50kg/m2 for the brick, rail and mortar (may vary slightly depending on the brick thickness).
A. Any 76mm/50mm (height) brick within the PGH range can be used with the Avante system.
A. Yes, the system is comprised of a brick facing, galvanised steel rail and mortar, all of which are non-combustible products.
A. Yes, the mortar is pointed in between the bricks once they are fitted into the rail.
A. Concrete, Timber frame, Structural steel, Lightweight steel, Masonry, Structurally insulated panels (SIP’s)
A. The brick and rail is a maximum of 31mm thick, for external use there is also a requirement for a minimum 25mm cavity.