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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Precast concrete panels are a highly versatile building material produced in a controlled factory environment using advanced manufacturing techniques from precast concrete to create a vast range of precast panels in various different sizes, shapes and finishes. InBrick from PGH Bricks & Pavers combines the natural beauty of real brick with precast concrete panels by embedding our high-quality, genuine clay brick tiles into the precast panels. The versatility of InBrick precast concrete panels means they can be used in a variety of applications in both construction and landscaping to achieve a durable, natural brick aesthetic, faster construction, lower costs, and limitless possibilities.
A: InBrick precast concrete panels are typically 175mm thick. For more detailed information and illustrated guides on InBrick precast panel specifications, please see our brochure on the downloads tab.
A: InBrick precast concrete panels are designed to be quick and easy to install. InBrick’s patented single-use liner - VersaLiner - enables contractors to create the closest look to masonry available on a concrete panel. Its unique, seamless joint design provides a realistic coved joint and fully embeds the brick tile for superior bonding and weatherproofing. Installation of InBrick precast concrete panels and VersaLiner typically involves: preparing real clay bricks for embedding, including blending and cutting the brick and applying a protective coating; trimming the liners to size; preparing the construction surface; applying the VersaLiner liner and installing the brick tiles; and placing concrete and cleaning concrete residue from unwanted surfaces. For more detailed information about installing precast concrete panels, please download our installation guide on our downloads page.
A: The cost of precast concrete panels varies depending on the square meterage and style required. If you’re considering purchasing precast concrete panels for your commercial project, there are several benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.
A: Extensive variety and flexibility: Our precast concrete panels are available in a huge range of colours and textures, as well as multiple sizes, to provide you with limitless possibilities for your design. Embedded clay brick tiles provide the genuine look and feel of brick: The InBrick system combines brick's lasting beauty and durability with all the benefits and efficiencies of precast panels. Quick and easy installation: InBrick precast concrete panels are considerably less time-consuming to install than traditional brickwork, enabling quick and easy installation, which saves you time and money. Durable and strong: Precast concrete panels are highly durable, strong, and resistant to impact. Sound reduction: The density of embedded brick with precast panels makes for a quiet space, with dramatically reduce external and internal sounds. Low-maintenance: Our precast panels require virtually no maintenance, which in turn means you’ll avoid ongoing and potentially costly maintenance.
A: The ability of InBrick precast concrete panels to take virtually any shape makes it a defining construction material for contemporary designs across all applications. It can accommodate any brick shape or size and is supported by a range of accessories designed to make assembly and construction easier and faster. Precast panels can be used for a variety of structural and non-structural project applications - including pre-cast, tilt-up or cast in place - and is ideal for repeat panels. Common applications include: structural or retaining walls; architectural aesthetics; fire-resistant walling; noise barriers; and construction that requires cost-effective, quick and easy installation of bricks. InBrick is also commonly utilised in multi-residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects such as hospitals, shopping centres, educational buildings.
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