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Frequently Asked Questions

A: This is not possible with InBrick. The brick tiles are embedded into the precast concrete panel during the casting process. They are not adhered to the surface of the panel. The mechanical bond strength exceeds 1Mpa of extraction force.
A: Yes, returns are possible using purpose made corner pieces. Sill and ledge bricks are also available on selected lines.
A: Yes, InBrick uses genuine clay brick facings from the PGH Bricks & Pavers range, giving you all the natural beauty and advantages of real brick.
A: Mortar finishes will be the colour of the concrete used and there are many options are available. There is also multiple mortar joint finishes available, with the most commonly used being ironed or raked. The joints between the concrete panels will appear similar to construction joints in standard articulated masonry walls.
A: For minor issues like chipping, remediation is the same process as with standard brickwork. For more significant site/handling damage the brick tiles will need to be removed and replaced.
A: Yes, PGH Bricks & Pavers can assist with panel layout and design, especially when considering the use of different brick style, sizes or coursing patterns.
A: InBrick brick tiles will perform as per standard brickwork. Please ensure brick classification is considered when designing your project.
A: Contact the InBrick team and let us provide you with sourcing options. We have multiple local options in addition to partnerships with international brick manufacturers.
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