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Australian homeowners favour brick over any other building material, and it's no wonder why; bricks are low-maintenance, offer thermal properties, are manufactured from natural products, protect against the elements and look great! But with such a wide variety to chose from, the brick selection process can sometimes be overwhelming.

James Treble, interior design guru, offers his insights into selecting the perfect brick for your dream home or upcoming renovation project.

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TIPS AND TRICKs include:

1. Do your research - the brick you select will impact the overall look and feel of your home, so it's worth doing your research. James suggests using the PGH Style Guide to streamline your decision process and to visualise how the brick will pair with other external materials  

2. Location -  it's also worth taking the location of your home into consideration. For example: if you live near the coast, selecting an exposure grade brick will ensure heightened resistance to salt damage. 

3. Consider the finish of the brick - The texture of the brick, the pattern of the bricklaying and the mortar all play an extremely important role in creating the look you want to achieve.  

See also our article on How to choose a brick for more information about the brick selection process.

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