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VR Instructions & FAQ's for the PGH BRICKS Visualiser Tool

Enabling VR for Android

Google Chrome
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    1. Download or Open Google Chrome on your Android device.
    2. In the URL bar, load chrome://flags , and set this flag to Enabled:
      WebVR: chrome://flags#enable-webvr
    3. Restart your browser
    4. Return to the PGH Home Visualiser
    5. Enjoy the Visualiser in VR!

    Firefox Reality
    Firefox Reality can also be used to view the Visualiser with Google Daydream equipment. You can read more here: https://mixedreality.mozilla.org/firefox-reality/

    Samsung Gear VR
    Samsung users can navigate to the PGH Home Visualiser via the Samsung Gear Headset by
    following these steps:

      1. Insert your supported Samsung Android device into the Gear VR headset
      2. Launch the Oculus Browser (or Samsung Internet Browser) from the Oculus lobby
      3. Navigate to the PGH Home Visualiser
      4. Enjoy the Visualiser in VR!

    Enabling VR for iOS

    Good news! A version of VR should be enabled by default for all iOS devices using Safari. If you’re having issues using the Visualiser in VR, please ensure you are using a supported version of Safari iOS. You can also refer to additional troubleshooting steps below for further assistance.

    Troubleshooting issues with VR mode

    VR Mode is frozen
    In some cases, Safari on iOS devices may need to be given permission to use your device’s motion and orientation sensors to simulate a VR headset. You can do so by following the below steps:

      1. Open ‘Settings’ application on your iOS device
      2. Locate and open the settings for ‘Safari’
      3. Enable Motion & Orientation access for Safari
      4. Reload the PGH Home Visualiser
      5. Enjoy the Visualiser in VR!

    Google VR services are not installed
    Android devices require Google VR services to support Google Cardboard and Google Daydream applications. Please install these via the Google Play Store on your Android device and restart the PGH Home Visualiser.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which internet browser should I use with the PGH Bricks Home Visualiser?

    • Google Chrome (Latest - minimum version 72)*
    • Mozilla Firefox (Latest - minimum version 65)*
    • Safari (Latest - minimum version 11)
    • Microsoft Edge (Latest - minimum version 15)
    • Note: Internet Explorer is NOT supported
    • * Denotes native VR support

    2. How can I share my Visualiser customisation with others?

    • The Visualiser tool is best shared via your unique code which will be emailed to
      you upon saving your customisation
    • You can also share your visualisation with Facebook directly, and with
      Instagram and other social media platforms by downloading the Visualiser
      images directly to your device
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