Here you will find a whole library of downloads such as brick brochures, flyers, case studies and more.

Collection Brochures

PGH Bricks Collection Brochure_NSW

01 May 2017

PGH Bricks Collection Brochure_QLD

15 Dec 2016

PGH Bricks Collection Brochure_SA

15 Dec 2016

PGH Bricks Collection Brochure_VIC

15 Dec 2016

Cultured Stone by Boral

Cultured Stone by Boral Brochure

27 Nov 2017

Cultured Stone Installers National

27 Nov 2017

Cultured Stone Product Matrix

30 Nov 2017

Cultured Stone StoneCAD®

23 Nov 2017

Product Flyers

Morada Collection

30 Jun 2017

Ready Set Reno

05 Dec 2017

Shapes Flyer_17

19 Apr 2016

The Block Flyer

24 Nov 2017

Technical Documents

Better Laying Guide

13 Jul 2016

How To_Painting Bricks

26 Apr 2017

Delivery Flyer_NSW

13 Jul 2016

Safety Data Sheet_Clay bricks and shapes

24 Oct 2016

Brick Cleaning Guides

Brick Cleaning Guide

10 Jul 2017


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