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At PGH, our products come in a huge variety of brick sizes, brick dimensions, styles, tones and textures, making them an extremely versatile material for all kinds of residential and commercial design projects. When it comes to using brick, the only limit is your imagination!

To help you on your brick selection and construction journey, let’s take a look at some standard brick dimensions and standard brick sizes used in Australia.

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What size is a standard house brick?

There are multiple brick sizes used in Australia.

It all depends on the type of brick you are using, however the most common brick size for normal face brick (usually used for external walls) is 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide. However, other brick types (such as double course bricks) will differ in their sizing.

Though there are standards regarding brick sizes, not all bricks will turn out to have exactly the same brick dimensions, due to the natural quality of the material and the variances that can occur during production. For the majority of cases, the brick dimensions will be largely unaffected, and you may not even notice.

When purchasing bricks, it’s important to take into account their dimensions to ensure they’re the right fit for your project.

Why are bricks the size they are?

Fired clay bricks have been a building material for centuries due to their strength, durability and aesthetic flexibility.

Standard brick size and standard brick dimensions come from their proportional sizing being reliable when it comes to large construction projects. Standard brick sizes are the ideal choice for structural integrity and reliability. Also, standard brick sizes are designed so that the bricks are able to be easily held in one hand for ease of use.

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To see how many bricks you’ll need for your space, use our quick and handy Brick Calculator.

We’ve worded the information here in a simple way so that it’s easy to understand. For more technical help regarding brick sizes and brick dimensions, request a download of our Technical Manual here.

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