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An access all areas tour of former Wallabies captain Stephen Moore's minimalist family home, where brick is the hero of the immaculate design.


Former Wallabies Captain Stephen Moore and his wife Courtney have finished building their forever home for their growing family. Working with award-winning architect Tim Stewart, renowned construction company Graya™, and PGH Bricks and Pavers, the couple create a truly modern, sophisticated home in Paddington in inner Brisbane.

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Making the most of a view

Living on a hill in Paddington only 15 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, the home’s view of the city’s skyline is breathtaking. Taking advantage of their unique position, Stephen and Courtney wanted to be able to admire the view no matter where they were standing in the home. 

“We wanted to be able to look through the middle of the house from the very back boundary and be able to enjoy the Brisbane skyline,” explained Stephen. 

For a three-storey build on sloped land, stairs were inevitable. But according to Tim Stewart, they need not be a hindrance. Instead, they were designed as a structural statement that demands your attention immediately as you enter the home. 

With the entrance on the lower level, the timber staircase runs along the right wall of the house and the second floor can be seen from the ground. The result is a completely open living area extending from the front to the back of the home, allowing Brisbane’s skyline to be admired completely uninterrupted.

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Endless space

Using materials in new and innovative ways had a huge impact on the feeling of the Moore family home. Aiming to create a fresh, open, and modern atmosphere, Stephen and Courtney used bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers to create design features in their home that give the illusion of space and drama.

The three-storey feature wall, along which the staircase runs inside the home, was built using the Blanco brick from PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Morada range. Our Blanco brick offers a pure white, sophisticated style, and its clean, smooth finish contrasts with the warmth of the timber accents. Aligning with the minimalistic style of Stephen and Courtney’s home, it is a real focal point while remaining understated and classic. 

Leading the eye from the entrance along the indoor feature wall through to the outdoor living area, Stephen and Courtney have allowed the materials of their home to speak for themselves. In the process, the home blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor for a seamless living experience.


“Stephen and Courtney used bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers to create design features in their home that give the illusion of space and drama.”


Keeping the continuity of brick throughout the internal and external spaces, the couple built an impressive two-storey light grey, smooth brick arch, and tower. This alluring design feature uses the Ceniza brick from PGH’s Morada range, which accentuates the true scale and height of the home. Neatly framing the unique brick-paved pathway in a matching colour scheme that seamlessly leads towards the outdoor pool, the unique brick patterning is a statement in itself.

“I think people would still associate brick with your classic solid, red-brick house,” explains Stephen. “But there are so many other options now, so we wanted something a little more innovative.

Australian Rugby icon builds brick forever home

Lifestyle considerations

For Stephen and Courtney, there were two key considerations when designing the layout of their home. With their growing family in mind, they needed a design that would suit the lifestyle needs of their growing family, both now and in 10 years.

The kitchen was positioned so Stephen and Courtney would be able to see their children playing in the pool while preparing meals in summer.

“The outdoor space was organised so there’s an understanding of where the table will fit,” architect Tim Stewart from Graya explains. “The barbecue’s tucked away so it’s not in your face. There’s just as much detail here as there is inside the house.”


“Brick is perfect for a young family designing their dream home with an emphasis on aesthetics.”


The flow between spaces was paramount, thoughtfully designed to make the most of their space to adapt to their family’s lifestyle needs without compromising on style. While the floor-to-ceiling glass doors allow the couple to supervise their children with ease, they also maximise living areas by blending indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, giving the impression of endless space.

“We wanted to have all the bedrooms upstairs so that we could leave the middle level open for living and spending time as a family,” Stephen explains.

Stephen and Courtney chose brick as one of the primary materials for their home for its ability to withstand the inevitable accidents of a young family. 

Tim points out that the couple, “chose bricks for the inside of the stairwells, where the kids are going to rub their hands up the walls”. A robust yet stylish material, brick is perfect for a young family designing their dream home with an emphasis on aesthetics. 

Australian Rugby icon builds brick forever home

Naturally and raw

As you proceed up the staircase and into the living area, the home wraps you in warmth as sunlight rushes in through the floor to ceiling windows and bounces off the timber floorboards and feature walls. With a polished concrete kitchen bench, a brick feature wall, and spotted gum accents, the home has a sense of earthiness without feeling dated.

Courtney’s interior styling focuses on raw, locally made furniture with pops of blue textiles and fresh greenery that are reminiscent of nature, while still allowing the materials and structures to speak for themselves. Understated and chic, the couple’s forever home is truly fit for a family both in design and function.

There’s something to be said about designing a home with and for the people you love most,” Stephen explains. “After all this time, we’ve got a place we can call home. And that’s a really good feeling.”

Australian Rugby icon builds brick forever home

Build with brick for a better home

Are you considering creating your dream home in the near future? Brick is a fantastic building product that offers timeless beauty, desirable thermal benefits, and long-lasting durability. Here are some creative ways to use brick inside your home, while here are our top tips for how to choose brick colours for your new home.

Photographer: Mindi Cooke
Builder: Graya™ Constructions
Architect: Tim Stewart

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