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How a Newcastle Homebuilder worked with Nickle Flash From PGH Bricks & Pavers' Metallic range to create a beautiful contemporary townhouse development.


Set in the bayside suburb of Warners Bay on New South Wales’ Central Coast, Newcastle Building & Construction’s Warners Bay development features three modern townhouse designs. The townhouses sit in an area with significant bushfire risk. This meant strict non-combustibility requirements when it came to specifying materials.

Newcastle Building & Construction received DA approved building plans without any specification prepared. The builder specified Nickel Flash from PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Metallic range  for its aesthetic appeal and because it would meet the non-combustibility requirements of the site.

Bricks: Fire Protection with aesthetic appeal

Newcastle Building & Construction’s Managing Director Noel Bradley recalled the process of specifying the materials to satisfy Fire Resistance Levels (FRL’s) requirements. He noted that strength and durability are the key reasons for building with brick over other materials.

“On this project, we had walls that required a fire rating,” Bradley explained. “And while PGH Bricks satisfied this requirement, it also added to the aesthetics of the masonry/lightweight combination.

“We primarily build two to three-story residential dwellings and try to incorporate as much masonry as the design allows due to the strength and durability of the cavity brickwork system, and the beautiful, earthy feeling achieved with PGH Bricks.”


Overcoming development consent requirements

Working with Newcastle Brick & Block Laying, Bradley said the quality of the trades was key to achieving the contrasting façade.

“The project had to be constructed in two stages to satisfy the development consent requirements by local council,” he explained. “Logistically this was not ideal as we had a duplex nearly finished when we were starting another build within one metre from each other. But with experienced supervisors and quality trades, we completed and handed over the project in two stages ahead of time to the client’s delight.” 


“Strength and durability are the key reasons for building with brick over other materials.”


“Newcastle Brick & Block Laying were great to deal with,” Bradley continued. “They were motivated throughout the process. The dwellings have since been sold and are now occupied by happy purchasers who have provided extremely positive feedback. The quality of the bricklaying is second to none.”



Working with PGH for the preferred outcome

PGH Bricks & Pavers’  Metallic range is a collection of clay extruded, wirecut bricks finished with a subtle metallic sheen that gives it a more opulent feel. Used in this residential design as a dominant façade surface, our Metallic range creates a diverse range of looks.

When explaining the decision to specify Nickel Flash bricks, Bradley referred to PGH Bricks & Pavers’ wide product range and excellent customer experience.

“PGH Bricks & Pavers has the widest and most up to date range, and the most knowledgeable reps, which makes our job easy. We have used PGH on all of our projects in the past and find them absolutely flawless, all the way from the selection process to site delivery and quality of the brick itself.”

Newcastle Building & Construction’s three Warners Bay townhouses were quickly sold and are now occupied by happy homeowners delighted with their new homes.

Warners Bay Development Case Study

Partner with PGH for your next project

PGH Bricks & Pavers partners with builders and bricklayers of all shapes and sizes, from small custom builders to volume builders, whether residential or commercial. We have one of the largest brick distribution networks in Australia.

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