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Located in Brisbane’s West End, Drury Street House is a traditional and generational family house. With decisions based on quality over value, the build delivers a restoration the its previously rundown state by maintaining scale, character, and roof profiles of the street. The use of Black and Tan from the PGH Bricks Smooth range provides the warmth of colour, contrasting beautifully with the nature-heavy vision executed for this project.

Key to this project was reinforcing the traditional city block pattern, which sees each house sharing landscape with a large rear garden. Minimising any additional footprint and maximising the green space was essential. To achieve this, building in under the house made a minimised footprint of the new extension possible, maximising the garden area. The traditional West End house contains bedrooms which open directly onto a north facing garden – and the Drury Street extension is no exception.

With its clients being private people, the idea of craft allowed the project architects to deliver a highly-considered and modern house, hidden behind the pattern of a traditional street. The house has a strict hierarchy of public and private spaces, and that needed to be honoured in the design process. For context: Private rooms are located upstairs, with public rooms and the downstairs area having a seamless relationship to the garden.

Architect: Marc and Co
Photography: Toby Scott

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