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A Sydney shopping centre has set itself apart with a standout façade that features stone cladding. Greenway Village Centre in Colebee, New South Wales, features Cultured Stone®, provided by PGH Bricks & Pavers. The stunning result is as unique as it is beautiful.

The brand new retail centre was designed by D + R Architects to stand out from other, competing shopping centres. Using Cultured Stone for the façade allowed D + R Architects director, Richard Drummond, to deliver on the mission to brand this new centre as something unique.

Richard Drummond said, “The Aspen Southern Ledgestone exactly met our vision for this community shopping centre on the new residential fringe of Sydney. We wanted to create a community meeting place that residents could relate to and take ownership of.

“Our objective for Greenway Village was to create a look that sets it apart from competing shopping centres in the vicinity. The Southern Ledgestone’s rough texture and deliberate irregularity offered a rugged and informal appeal, and met our vision of combining stonework with timber cladding.

“Covering approximately one quarter of the total façade and with feature work including curved ramp walls, the use of stone has helped set the building apart from others.

“The design also needed to relate to the residential area close by. The Southern Ledgestone was chosen as a unique cladding material that would help differentiate the building while also providing a sympathetic presentation to the neighbouring housing.

“The aesthetics of the products were enhanced by the skill of the installer who was experienced in stone masonry. Only one trade was required to finish once the substrate was built. This meant that the final look of the product was achieved quickly on site.”

Photography: Guillermo Aton

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