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KP Architects go ‘Grey All the Way’ in beautiful brick home.

Nestled in Teneriffe, an inner-city suburb of Brisbane that borders Fortitude Valley to the North East and the Brisbane River to the North, Walker House by KP Architects is a beautiful response to the rich landscape that engulfs the area. The space in which this home has been built is rich with history, with the area once being a busy hub for the local wool trade. A simple composition and restrained palette of beautiful Flannel Grey bricks collaborate with timber and concrete to act as a natural backdrop. This enhances the quality of the spaces and honours the industrial heritage of the Teneriffe area, which was converted to high density residential living only a few decades ago.

From the street level of the home, beautiful grey brick columns blend with the traditional Australian landscape and the timber clad garage to allow the jacaranda tree to command its position at the centre of the frontage. The scale of the home then sits comfortably within its surrounding context, with the Flannel Grey bricks consistently supporting the structure of the home from the street level to the exceptional backyard entertaining space.

The site presented some challenges to the teams at KP Architects and builder, Crowndale Properties due to its narrow and steep formation. To overcome these challenges, Kon Panagopoulos, Director at KP Architects recalls carefully structuring the site to allow a seamless connection and flow from the street level, right through to the open living backyard.

“On a narrow and steep site, the house terraces down to the north. A series of schemes were presented to best address the site constraints and to carefully manage the terrain” said Panagopoulos. “After considerable consideration it was agreed to locate the living spaces at the lower-level grounding the house allowing seamless connection to the backyard.”

The sophisticated neutral shade of Flannel Grey from the Pure Linens range creates wonderful depth variation in the home’s interior and exterior walls, evoking a feeling of soft country elegance and style in an otherwise dense urban environment. As the light hits the Flannel Grey bricks internally and externally, the soft textures exude warmth and simplicity, providing the home with an effortlessly peaceful and calming tone. Pairing this brick with the timber and concrete has rounded out a wonderfully intricate and timeless façade, which achieves the simplicity and restrained palette that thrives in Teneriffe’s natural environment.

“A simple composition and restrained palette of materials consisting of brick, timber and concrete were selected to act as a natural backdrop and to enhance the quality of the spaces” said Panagopoulos.

Consistent with the design characteristics in using the Flannel Grey bricks to compliment the different textures of the home, the rear outdoor living space includes a beautiful brick fireplace which typifies the peace and serenity of the oasis whilst also bringing the whole home together as a central feature.

“The living spaces spill out to the rear outdoor areas that are anchored by an external brick fireplace that frames the view of the surrounding trees and buildings, creating a peaceful and calm setting in a highly populated urban environment” Panagopoulos added.

Additional reading on the Pure Linens range is available through The Upper Cairns House case study.

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Images by Brock Beazley Photography.

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