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The Enduring Charm of Brick Fences: Beauty and Benefits

If you’re looking for durable, attractive way to bring privacy to your property then chances are, brick fencing will be the perfect choice.  The variety of brick fence designs is quite endless, and done right, they can bring design unity to your home, whilst offering a lot of practical benefits.



The benefits of Brick Fencing


A quality brick fence will endure the test of time and require little maintenance. Because of their structural integrity they are able to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian climate.


Bricks can create a strong noise barrier that can effectively dampen the sound of busy nearby roads and pedestrian traffic while still creating a warm and inviting front-facing facade for visitors.


Brick fencing is the perfect choice to create seclusion for your property. The right height means complete privacy from onlookers.


A gated brick fence will increase security for your property, deterring unwanted guests.


A brick fence can create a safe place for children and dogs to play and exercise.

Environmentally friendly

The brick manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, produces low carbon emissions and is relatively inexpensive. Brick fences can be updated fairly easily using paint and are extremely cost effective to demolish in the event you want to replace or change the exterior fencing in the future. Bricks are also a highly reusable material that can withstand years of harsh weather. Their extended lifespan makes them particularly attractive to those focussing on creating an eco-friendly home.



Brick Fence Designs

When it comes to the design, a brick fence is usually one of two basic styles; closed brick fences and open brick fences. Closed brick fence styles have no gaps or spaces in them. The closed brick style of fencing will serve to provide privacy to the yard and can additionally help to block noise.

The second type is the open fence design. Whilst creating more of a visual boundary, open fence design offers the possibility of combining different fencing materials to create a look and feel that enhances your home’s façade.

You can create the perfect brick fence for you home by asking yourself a few questions and doing a little online research. You can also cruise your neighbourhood for inspiration!



Style of your home

Like any design element of your home, you’ll need to consider the style you’re going for and use materials and styles that are sympathetic to that design. For instance, an Australian Coastal style home may have a very different brick fence design to that of a heritage home or a contemporary, urban design.


Colour, texture and lay of bricks

There are a huge variety of colours and textures to choose from for your brick fence. Design harmony is best achieved by choosing the same brick you have used in your home façade.  Repetition creates unity!


Material combinations

If you’re building an open brick fence, the other materials you utilise, will affect the style and aesthetic.


Classic Homes – Consider combining wrought iron palings with your brick or even dense hedging like Lilly Pilly, to create a classic style for your home’s boundary.


Contemporary – A failsafe inclusion with brick fencing is horizontal wood fence boards. They have a contemporary appeal that is sympathetic to a wide variety of home styles. They are also great for narrow blocks as they give the illusion of length through their vertical placement.


Natural – If you want your home to blend into the landscape consider Bamboo or other dense foliage. Whilst these sorts of brick fences are not focussed on security, they create a lovely natural boundary to a property.


Mid-century – Painted brick combined with open patterned breeze blocks, creates the ultimate mid-century design for your brick fencing, whilst remaining secure and private.


Coastal – Consider rendered brick combined with picket fencing or organic stone, to create the ultimate coastal design.

Features You can integrate beautiful and practical features into your brick fencing.  Consider creating brick arches or lay pattern features. Small enclosed structures can be built to house items you want to conceal, like garbage bins and garden tools. Electrical wiring can also be run through the bricks so floodlights and accent lights can be installed. You can even build in your mailbox.

The options for brick fencing solutions seem quite endless. Whatever the look you choose, you can be sure you’re creating an eco-friendly, solid and aesthetic boundary for your home that will last a life-time.



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