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There's nothing more rewarding than building great things with your own two hands. Here are out top six brick DIY projects to transform your home's outdoor spaces.


You don’t necessarily have to be a tradie or a bricklayer to work with brick. Indeed, brick can be the building blocks for many fantastic DIY projects around the home. This is especially true if you’re looking to create something that will upgrade and embellish your outdoor spaces.

To get your creative DIY juices flowing, here’s the PGH Bricks & Pavers’ list of six outdoor DIY projects that you can create at home with brick.


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1. Build a pizza oven

No alfresco living space is complete without a woodfired pizza oven. Give the pizza outlets a miss and instead whip up your own authentic, home-made, and delicious pizzas. They’re perfect for easy entertaining or getting the family together for the new weekly pizza night.

Bricks are the perfect choice for building a pizza oven because they:

  • Retain heat and release it slowly.
  • Can withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Reflect light into the oven (helpful for seeing when your pizza is ready).
  • Bring a traditional and classic style to your pizza oven.
  • Don’t contain toxic chemicals that could taint your cooking.
For this project, we suggest using our Commons range, or our exceptional, colour through Dry Pressed Architectural rangeYou can find simple instructions for how to build a pizza oven at MakezineDelicious Magazine, and WikiHow. Simply find the right one to fit the space you have available and your budget, then get cracking

2. Build a brick fire pit

Brick fire pits are the ultimate winter backyard statement and will keep your family warm on those chilly nights spent relaxing outside. Imagine rugging up in warm blankets and sipping hot chocolates (or a glass of red) by the side of your very own crackling fire!

Sure, a brick fire pit can be built by professionals, but why not buy some bricks yourself and have a go at doing it DIY? PGH Bricks & Pavers’ beautifully textured Alfresco range, our unique Highlands range, or our stylish, industrial Manhattan range are all great brick choices for building your brick fire pit.

Our top three picks for brick fire pit assembly instruction are Family HandymanDIY Network, and HGTV.

3. Build a brick garden bench

Make sure each area of your garden is being used by making a garden bench and turning a forgotten area into a relaxing hideaway or an area for entertaining. Brick garden benches are very comfortable when covered with your favourite cushions, and you can experiment with different colours and textures to create exactly the look you want.

Visit this blog from Better Homes and Gardens, or this DIY Cinder Block Bench video tutorial for your brick garden bench inspiration. We’d recommend using our Pure Velvets range or our long-format Lang Mursten range for creating a modern and chic brick garden bench.

4. Build a brick path (or replace an old one)

Building a new brick path or giving an old one a new lease on life with some fresh bricks can truly revamp any backyard. Whether your path leads to your front door, the back gate, or around the corner to the shed, having the bricks looking fresh and making sure they’re a colour and texture that complements the rest of your outdoor landscape can really transform the space.

Some great PGH brick choices for garden paths include our Spinifex range, featuring a lightly rolled pattern, or our timeless Crafted Sandstocks range, which deliver a statement of Australian tradition and authenticity.

Visit Handyman or DIY Network for step-by-step guides on how to build or refresh a brick garden path.

5. Make brick edging for your garden beds

Make your garden look gorgeous and neat by creating brick edging for your garden bed. You can match the tone and colour of your bricks to the types of plants you’ll be growing (or are already growing) and utilise the many different brick textures available in the PGH range to create the exact look you want. For a look that’s proudly rough around the edges and full of character, choose a brick from our Crafted Sandstocks to build your brick garden edging.

This Old HouseBBC Gardeners’ World, and Paving Expert have some handy instructions for constructing brick edging around your garden beds.

6. Create a natural pond

A beautiful focal point for any garden, creating a pond is a fantastic way to add to the natural scenery and relaxation of your outdoor space. Perhaps you want to fill your pond with fish, or simply decorate it with luscious greenery.

Either way, bricks are a fantastic building material choice for a pond, as they offer the great strength and durability required for pond walls. Use the glazed bricks from our Altitude range to reduce porosity and ensure your pond is structurally integral before sealing with a high-quality sealant product.

Inspiration and construction advice for your fantastic new brick pond can be found at Waterside NurseryInstructables, and Bradstone.

Choose PGH Bricks & Pavers for your home DIY projects

The list of DIY projects where brick can be used is truly limitless. Creating your own home DIY projects using brick can be a fun way to spend quality time with your family! And in the process, you’ll be adding great new features to the outdoors spaces of your home.

If the authentic look and feel of brick speaks to you for your next DIY project, you can get started by viewing the full selection of PGH bricks by colour or by range.

Don’t forget to share your projects with us on Facebook and Instagram using #MyPGHBrickHouse and tagging us @pghbricks. We’d love to see your fantastic brick DIY projects!

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