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A significant aspect of Australian culture is our love of being outside amongst the fantastic weather and nature that we are fortunate to have access to.

Having a beautiful landscape in your home serves great purpose for both personal indulgence and entertaining. Clay pavers are a part of the essential criteria to achieving that beautiful landscape due to their ability to complement the natural Australian landscape, their low maintenance and their durability and sustainability as a leading landscaping material.


Why Pavers

Adding to their low maintenance and incredible durability, clay pavers offer design flexibility and a beautiful aesthetic that cannot be achieved with other materials. Clay bricks and pavers can be laid in a variety of patterns, from the intricate herringbone to the simple running bond or even basketweave which has pairs of bricks set at 90 degrees to each other. Comparatively to concrete pavers, clay pavers do not require the same amount of cleaning and maintenance, and also retain their colour over time giving you a beautiful front or backyard for longer.

Given that fired clay products’ colour and strength will last a lifetime, clay paving is not only a great financial investment for your landscaping but also offers other benefits. One such benefit is that clay pavers are excellent for driveways, particularly in a herringbone pattern which has an excellent stability under heavy loads. This means that you can integrate your landscape design with your driveway, causing fantastic continuity throughout the exterior of your home and bringing your landscape together timelessly.

Sustainability is another key advantage to including clay pavers in your landscaping. As clay pavers are manufactured with natural materials such as clay, sand, and shale, they are not only eco-friendly but can also be cleaned and reused in other areas of your home or elsewhere. Quite simply, clay pavers can be lifted from their position, stockpiled, and then reused in a new landscape project. They can even be laid in an entirely new pattern which provides great flexibility benefits, particularly for those people who enjoy occasional modifications or change to their landscape design.

How can you add value and wow factor to your yard with paving?

1. Let nature inspire the space

Natural colour palettes and textures are increasing in popularity and more people are gravitating towards this beautifully simple outdoor style. It is extremely on trend to celebrate the authentic Australian environment and use eco-friendly products. A grounded and naturally authentic coloured paver will help you achieve a timeless space for years to come.

2. From the inside out

Using brick and pavers internally is the perfect way to blur the lines between spaces and seamlessly integrate the inside out and outside of a home. This is particularly helpful for urban homes with limited backyard space where brick can be introduced strategically to extend living spaces outside, giving a sense of space and improving the functionality of the home.

3. Get Creative

With the flexibility to be laid in various patterns, bricks and pavers present a fantastic opportunity to make a style statement. A herringbone pattern will achieve a sophisticated or classic look, or a basketweave pattern would invigorate any space if you are looking for a modern statement. Experimenting with two colours is also increasing in popularity. More people are exploring the use of two tones within the space by creating a border with a contrasting colour to provide interest to any space. Many projects are also now using bricks as pavers which opens up an even wider variety of colours, shapes, and textures for your landscape.

PGH Bricks & Pavers’ pavers range represent the pinnacle of practicality and aesthetically attractive options for your outdoor areas. Formed from all-natural Australian clay, sand and shale, the pavers that PGH produce are fired to provide long-lasting colour, strength, durability, and beauty to your home. Their durable surface means that the pavers are suitable in courtyards, alfresco living and entertainment areas, patios, footpaths, and driveways.

Designed to bring your outdoor spaces to life, our Paver range is available in a range of stunning colours and textures. The Sandstock range are individually fired in sawdust-lined moulds, achieving an aged, rustic surface texture. Comparatively, the Wirecut range provides a rugged surface texture with excellent slip resistance to assist in vehicular traffic such as driveways or heavy foot traffic in entertainment areas of footpaths.

Further information on the PGH Bricks & Pavers clay paver range is available in the digitally downloadable NSW, QLD, VIC and SA range brochures.

For more information or help choosing the right pavers for your project, get in touch with one of our friendly PGH staff here or call 13 15 79.
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