There are custom design projects that require a brick out of the ordinary. A material to deliver a unique and elevated aesthetic, while maintaining the raw, authentic beauty of the clay, honed through environmentally sound and sustainable practices.

The Lang Mursten selection of exquisitely crafted, long format Danish bricks represents the perfect fusion of cutting-edge design and practical functionality. These soft-moulded, tastefully proportioned bricks are well suited to those seeking a truly extraordinary product to support the integrity and aesthetic of a luxury build.

Designing with the Lang Mursten product:

A brick is nothing without vision. Lang Mursten is all about realising visions. We don’t think of our products as bricks. We think of them as pieces of art – playing a part in a bigger picture.

The Lang Mursten format is the most exclusive series of bricks we’ve ever produced. The series contains unique water-struck bricks with many details and an exciting interplay of colours. All the bricks in the series have undergone an extensive production process in order to achieve their final expression. Their unique surface structure produces a striking, dynamic facade, rich in variation.


The Lang Mursten range has been described as the reimagination of an ancient yet modern material: well-appointed to service designs that integrate sensitivity to historic relevance and masonry characteristics, with a considered, contemporary aesthetic. Download the Lang Mursten brochure today to discover more on this exquisitely crafted range

In our library you will find a selection of Lang Mursten Revit, High Res Arrays and Tileable jpeg files to make specifying and documenting bricks more efficient and to ensure quality visualisation.
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