Recreate the Look: Sticks and Wombat on The Block

25 Oct 2017

The clever use of our metallic Pewter brick, paired with a grey mortar makes for a truly remarkable finish on this project by @sticksandwombat for @theblock. And, the contemporary look was achieved with no paint or rendering required.

“With Sticks and Wombat’s house, we used a deep dark brick – Pewter – which is a semi-glazed metallic brick. It’s really a great brick. So the idea is that the colourway is the same for all of the houses but we are picking out texture in Hannah and Clint’s house and the metallic finish in Sticks and Wombat’s."

“We got the bricklayers to use a darker grout, so you see more of the brick colour, not the mortar colour,” he explains. “If you use a lighter colour, your eye goes to the crisscross of the mortar pattern, which is itself a design idea or a design intent, but we’ve gone the other way. We want to see the brick rather than the mortar. And it’s really quite a significant feature.”

“It’s about texture. Texture, texture, texture,” he says. “It’s a counterpoint against all the other modern finishes that tend to creep into modern buildings these days. It’s a textural response.”


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