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  • New South Wales

    75 Townson Road
    Schofields NSW 2762
    02 9852 6807

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  • New South Wales

    75 Townson Road
    02 9852 6807

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    Gate 1, Kimberley Street
    07 3710 3600

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    08 8300 8222

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A: 230 x 76 x110mm. Of course, not everyone follows these measurements to the letter, but this is the ‘Australian Standard’.
A: ‘Thermal Lag’ is a term used to describe the way bricks both absorb and release heat slowly (hence the ‘lag’ part). It helps keep brick homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
A: The best time to clean brickwork is while it is being laid. Mortar smears should be cleaned as soon as possible using a scrubbing brush, running water and a sponge. If mortar hardens, acid cleaning can be used, but only as a last resort.
A: Bricks with holes (or ‘extruded bricks’) are manufactured with these holes to ensure that when they are fired, they cook evenly. The holes, up to 30% of material thickness, have no effect on the insulation or fire resistance of the brick (as confirmed by Australian Standards).
A: Absolutely. Bricks have a remarkably low environmental cost, an extraordinary long life. Their thermal mass even reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling.

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