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Abercrombie is situated in Teneriffe, an exclusive riverside suburb less than 2 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, renowned for its unique historic brickwork character and tree lined streets. Although a modern interpretation of the Queenslander style of home – complete with a high ceiling, voids, and breezeway louvers – the developers, in collaboration with the architect, felt respect to the historic brick surrounds that needed to be incorporated into the home’s features.

This was achieved through its use both as an external cladding, and internally, via the stunning 6.4 metre feature wall in the living space. These elements bring a diverse balance between a luxury finish and modern industrial trends. Using Blackett and Balmain from the PGH Bricks Crafted Sandstocks range, and Macarthur Mix from the Dry Pressed Architectural range, this high-end aesthetic was delivered, cut by a specialist company in Bundaberg – specifically 12mm was cut from the front and back of each brick to achieve the desired style and effect. A steel channel affixed to the wall accommodated the bricks, with a caulking gun used to apply the grout mix, providing a high-quality finish.

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