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Buena Vista House, by current standards, is a relatively small home, taking advantage of the Brisbane city views. In essence, the house was conceived as a standard brick veneer home with a trussed roof in order to build to a budget. This standard house was then simply lift, and built in under, creating a very cost effective and large under croft providing necessary space required.

The architecture is bold and expressive, with all materials trying to be honest in their expression and colour. A good deal of the structure is exposed to create an honest and engaging aesthetic that is also cost effective, with the use of Black and Tan from PGH Bricks Smooth range. Long eaves, heavy insulation, plenty of properly orientated natural light, large ventilation openings elevated to catch breezes all help to make this house comfortable year-round.

The formal layout of the house is centred around a courtyard leveraging the northwest orientation, encompassing picturesque city views. Planning and design dictated that bulk of the living is elevated above the ground, on a single level, with the ground floor given over to yard, outdoor living, and ancillary functions. A small loft further creates a quiet space for retreat. 

This house was a simple idea that sought to challenge a few preconceptions about form, planning, material, and context, all of which proved a success in the architect's eyes. Considerable engagement from locals, and further enquiry about the house idea suggests it has promoted some healthy debate, along with another commission in the same street.

Architect: Shaun Lockyer Architects
Photography: Scott Burrows

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