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Christian Street House in Clayfield, an inner-north suburb of Brisbane, sits on the east side of a rolling hill, penning its face to the morning sun and bay breezes. Its back is buried in the hill, protected from the harsh summer sun, storms, and winter westerlies. The home is built from brick, timber, and concrete. It references timber and tin architecture that pervades most areas of the inner suburbs, but not its own. The use of Black and Tan from PGH Bricks Smooth range accentuate the warmth of the Queenslander home, in outdoor and living spaces which is both resilient and requires minimal maintenance.

The ground plane steps from cave spaces bunkered in to the hill, hidden spaces for bathing and sleep, down to garden and meals, then further down to lounge, the morning sun and prospect. For a loftier structure that opens to the street, verandah, and barn, timber was the dominant material of choice. However, PGH Bricks materials have perfectly complemented the build, even more so through its brick base cave spaces, cut in to the ground towards the rear of the site. The strong presence of this particular Smooth product captures the very essence of an inviting, classic family home.

Architect: James Russell Architects
Photography: Toby Scott

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