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Lang Mursten bricks used in timeless celebration of beautiful Queensland residence.
Challenged with the task of capturing both, the South facing views and the desirable views of the Links Hope Island golf course to the North, Joe Adsett Architects specified PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Utzon from the Lang Mursten range to create a beautiful, modernist home that celebrated its surroundings.

Located at Hope Island in Queensland, the team at Joe Adsett Architects set upon solving the challenge by incorporating a series of courtyards throughout the plan to allow natural light and breezes throughout the core of the home. The brief required a contemporary single storey dwelling which did not present as cold and clinical to the home’s visitors. Jack Wright, Project Leader at Joe Adsett Architects described the strategy to achieving a warm and inviting home as having been executed through the selection of materials.

“The result is a dwelling carved out of one monolithic material, PGH’s Lang Mursten bricks. The solid brick foundations provide an anchor to the tall, carved ‘white box’, propped high above the primary living areas, allowing internal spaces to be light-filled and ventilate effortlessly.”

PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Lang Mursten range also strengthens the exaggerated linear geometry of the house through the inherent elongated shape of the bricks themselves. The long format Danish bricks are soft-moulded and tastefully proportioned which represents the perfect blend of cutting-edge design and practical functionality. Featured internally and externally, the bricks are used to create a flowing space, blurring the lines between the internal and external environments. The team at Joe Adsett Architects specified Utzon from the Lang Mursten range to employ the rustic and handmade features of a luxury build, whilst maintaining the warmth and homely feel that their clients sought in the brief.

“The bricks were specified predominantly for the bespoke aesthetic qualities of the bricks and the natural, unrefined appearance they exhibit.”

“Despite being a manmade product, the bricks have a very rustic and handmade essence about them, contributing to the aesthetic of a timeless and enduring piece of architecture” Jack continued. “They introduce a gritty, rugged component to the project, which is primarily composed of refined, polished materials.”

Expanding on the robustness of the Lang Mursten bricks, the team at Joe Adsett Architects also specified the bricks for their structural properties and their proven ability to support the structural integrity of a home. For Stratum, the home has incredibly large spans across the project which are assisted by the structural properties of the bricks.

The name Stratum that was given to the home is derived from the use of stacked bricks throughout the homes internal and external walls, paying homage to the idea of a house that has been built in layers.

“The bricks create a strategic datum throughout the house that is critical to the overall architectural composition. In essence, the bricklayer has created a solid foundation to the bottom layer of the house, with primarily lightweight construction used above the established datum” said Jack. “The bricks also serve as a structural support to the stretched concrete awning along the rear façade of the building.”

Supported by the experience of builder, Allwood Contractors, and the craftsmanship of bricklayer, BGM Bricklaying, Joe Adsett Architects have achieved an exceptional Queensland residence which sits beautifully along the Links Hope Island golf course. The Utzon bricks contrast beautifully with the greens of the fairway and the adjacent flora.

To achieve that beautifully custom home that many are so often striving for can require a brick out of the ordinary. The Lang Mursten range delivers a unique and elevated aesthetic, whilst maintaining the raw and authentic properties of a clay brick.

You can view the full range in more detail by downloading the digital Lang Mursten brochure.

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