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Exterior home design inspiration  Dark & Stormy
In shades of charcoal greys, bitter chocolate, deep ocean shades and gleaming metallics, Dark & Stormy has the unique ability to look quietly chic and confident, or richly dramatic and sophisticated.

A popular home trend and the perfect way to make a powerful statement, Dark & Stormy expresses confidence and provides real impact.

“It has the ability to convey whichever style you wish,” says Sonia Simpfendorfer, Creative Director at Nexus Designs. “Bricks in midnight, deep espresso, pewter, deep sea blues, and shades of grey can be used in so many ways. They can be perceived with real depth and strong confidence, or interpreted as quietly elegant. It’s a very resourceful palette.”

Dark & Stormy looks perfectly at home in the city, but equally striking as a contrast to a natural, rural setting. “It is highly adaptable,” agrees Simpfendorfer. “It is ideal for showcasing clean and simple lines and beautiful architectural detail too, no matter what your style. Deep Metallic Pewter bricks when offset with a charcoal roof and trims, feels completely modern, all black provides sleek minimalist style, whilst deep espresso, a variation of black, conveys a sophisticated twist. It’s a trend with endless and exciting possibilities.”

Fearless, contemporary and unapologetically edgy, Dark & Stormy is a modern palette that makes a hard-hitting style statement for a home that will stand out from all the rest.


Dark & Stormy

CSR Monier Elemental Midnight

COLORBOND® Ironstone®


Main Brick
PGH Bricks Metallic Pewter

Feature Brick
PGH Bricks Academy Nobel

Feature Stone

Cultured Stone® Pro-Fit®
Alpine Ledgestone Dark Ridge

Accent Colours
Dulux Western Myall
Dulux Blue Insignia

Window Frame
COLORBOND® Ironstone®

Garage Door / Decking
Kwila timber finish
Dark and Stormy Stacked
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