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exterior home design inspiration — GREY ALL THE WAY
Predicted to be a future classic for its simplicity, style and versatility, it is an on-trend palette for contemporary homes with long-term chic appeal.

With the ability to adapt to the personality of any space, grey plays effortlessly with colour and texture. It complements white accents and fresh garden greenery with its natural tones, which allows striking architectural features to play a starring role.

“It’s our new versatile neutral,” says Sonia Simpfendorfer, Creative Director at Nexus Designs. “It can be calm and serene, gritty and industrial, or stunningly dramatic. It all depends on its application.”

Grey’s adaptability makes it the perfect trend for everyone, be it design-conscious dwellers, career couples or busy families. There is a grey for every kind of house and style DNA. Altitude Matterhorn is the perfect base to build the perfect grey palette. 

“It’s about simple sophistication that is current but has longevity,” agrees Simpfendorfer. 

Greys are immensely practical and easy to use, and considered layering of grey tones can communicate a calm confidence. 

“Keep your palette beautifully monochromatic, sticking to just a few shades,” agrees Simpfendorfer. “Lighter greys are a very contemporary option, with their softer more relaxed look that allows more focus on a building’s exterior features. Imagine light grey bricks blended with charcoal grey and dark grey roof and trim. So contemporary yet so timeless.”
Encapsulating a vast spectrum of shades, the Grey all the Way palette layers grey-upon-grey for a home with long-lasting elegance and sophistication.


Grey all the Way

CSR MonierTerracotta Nouveau Ravine



Main Brick
PGH Bricks Altitude Matterhorn

Feature Brick
PGH Bricks Morada Gris

Feature Stone
Cultured Stone®
Pro-Fit® Modera Carbon

Accent Colours
Dulux Milton Moon
Dulux Atom Blue

Window Frame

Garage Door / Decking
Ash timber finish


Styles 2018 - Grey all the way - stacked
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