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Exterior home design inspiration — PERFECT IMPERFECTION

Teaming the functional with the decorative, elegant with the casual, handmade with man-made, and old with new, this palette’s true beauty lies in its imperfections and its ability to impart real warmth and authenticity. 

Complete with irregular markings and in varying shapes and sizes, Perfect Imperfection provides a unique façade that finds beauty in the imperfect and provides a brand new home instant appeal.

“It has all the integrity and expression of the handmade,” says Sonia Simpfendorfer, Creative Director at Nexus Designs. “There is a sense of tailor-made and artisan-created, with all the emotional benefits that come with having something unique. Perfect Imperfection is not about man-made flawlessness. It embraces warmth, authenticity and flaws that impart that coveted unique, one-off appearance.” 

To create, consider a custom blend of bricks, choosing bricks and finishes that appear handmade, whilst keeping the colour scheme tonally similar. The individuality of Manhattan Chelsea is beautifully relaxed, making it a perfect choice for this trend. 

With the look of lasting craftsmanship and elegance, its fresh earthy palette comes alive when complemented with contemporary styling, making it ideal for an on-trend exterior. “Dark ochres, clay and classic brick red come alive against a bright blue sky and green landscape, and look especially beautiful offset with crisp white contrasting trims for a chic contemporary edge,” says Simpfendorfer.

The beauty of the handmade is showcased in Perfect Imperfection, an authentic and unique palette that feels just right for the modern home.


Perfect Imperfection


CSR Monier Concrete Elabana Sambuca


COLORBOND® Paperbark®

Main Brick
PGH Bricks Manhattan Chelsea

Feature Brick PGH Bricks
Urban Metal Silver Spark

Feature Stone Cultured Stone®
Country Ledgestone Aspen

Accent Colours
Dulux Sea Elephant
Dulux Soft Chamois

Window Frame
COLORBOND® Paperbark®

Garage Door / Decking
Spotted Gum timber finish

Perfect Imperfection Stacked
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