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There are many traits that supposedly define an Aussie: The clichés of being laid back and beach-loving with a particular predisposition for barbecues have been thrown around fondly for years. But perhaps one of the more fascinating cultural concepts that have endured through changing circumstances is that of the Great Australian Dream.  

The concept of the Great Australia Dream - a desire to own one’s own home - has stood remarkably steady over the years. Even though today many believe that owning a home may now be difficult in the future, a whopping 74.7 per cent of Australians hold a deep-seated belief that owning your own home is indeed part of the Australian way of life.  But what may be considered as even more fascinating is that Australians continue to name their most desired building material for their own home as the honest, enduring and authentic clay brick. We indeed continue to be a land of clay brick residential houses and we wear this accolade with pride.

What does the Great Australian Dream look like today? A home built from brick
In a National tracking study commissioned in August 2018 by the industry association, Think Brick, it was revealed that a staggering 72 per cent of those surveyed agreed they would choose a home built with clay brick over any other material whilst 83 per cent of people currently planning to build a home are looking at brick. 

So why are Australians so loyal and traditional in their desire to build their dream home with the humble brick when presented with so many new walling alternatives? Perhaps it is the deeply warming sense of home and nostalgia that results from growing up in a family brick home (72 per cent). We see from the survey that 86 per cent also grew up with the impression that brick is the best material with which to build a home. However, this is not the only contributing factor. The survey also revealed that Australians believe bricks offer more possibilities to create your own unique look (86 per cent) and that brick delivers desirable aesthetic values, with 84 per cent saying that a brick built home, where the brick is exposed, is attractive. Or perhaps it is simply a financial decision. For investment purposes, 73 per cent say a home built with clay brick gives a better return on investment than any other material, whilst 58 per cent believe a brick home reduces energy bills. Then, of course, there are all the benefits brick provides to living conditions: brick is low maintenance (73 per cent); it helps keep my home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (66 per cent); it reduces noise (67 per cent).

"73 per cent say a home built with clay brick gives a better return on investment than any other material"

“The design and architectural choices in brick façade options have never been greater than they are today with a plethora of colours, textures and styles available,” says Jai Sanderson, General Manager Marketing at PGH Bricks & Pavers for CSR Ltd. 

“From smooth brick surfaces of sophisticated, neutral, fresh whites, cool greys and charcoals perfect for a Hampton style or perhaps a contemporary look, to the multiple shades of grey in every way that are particularly hot right now. From the rustic artisan style of crafted Sandstocks to the recycled look of the Industrial Chic movement or rich and indulgent metallic - all the way to classic red brick options…. the possibilities are enormous and cater to a multicultural spectrum of Australian lifestyles. We want every Australian to be able to find their perfect brick choice to build their Great Australian Dream home,” says Sanderson.

With 79 per cent of Australians agreeing with the statement: “A home designed with brick is everything I want a home to be,” the honest clay brick continues to be embedded in the Australian culture; this is a building material that is truly here to stay.
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