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The Eastwood Project designed by Ply Architecture was featured on Episode 6 of Open Homes Australia on Saturday, 08 October 2018. This renovation project in Eastwood -an inner, southern suburb of Adelaide - draws inspiration from its natural surroundings. The Ply Architecture team have designed stunning new structure consisting of a ‘brick cube’ component featuring our Gledswood Blend brick from the Dry Pressed Architectural range, offset by a ‘white cube’ component, fashioned from lightweight vertical cladding.

One of the key aspects of this design brief was to bring the landscape inside as much as possible and flesh out the connection between the internal and external spaces. Brick was the perfect choice to accomplish this due to its natural, earthy look and feel. The juxtaposition of white cladding and brickwork provides a striking contrast, and the two sections are spliced down the middle so that, on entering the house, people can see straight through into the garden. This was key to creating a seamless indoor-outdoor feel, as was the use of exposed brick inside the home.


Made using a time honoured, dry-pressed method, these beautifully crafted bricks are also ideal for complementing the property’s heritage detailing. What’s more, they offer exceptional solidity and durability for a long-lasting build.


Everything in this build has been so carefully designed down to the smallest detail, which is what makes this modest home so spectacular.

Photographer: Sam Noonan 
Architect: Ply Architecture


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