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PGH Bricks shares the eight key design styles set to inspire Australian exteriors.


Classic, contemporary, eclectic or artistic – understanding your own personal design style is an important step when choosing the perfect brick for your new home.

“We all want a house we love and that feels right for us,” says Sonia Simpfendorfer, Creative Director at Nexus Designs. “It is yours, and should make you feel good. Integrating your personal style into your choices is the perfect way to express yourself and create flow between your home and all aspects of your life.”

At PGH we offer the great advice and options for a beautifully designed home with style and longevity. Because building can be a daunting exercise, the PGH Bricks styles take the most exciting international trends, as well as tips and advice from leading designers and architects, to help you make them your own.

PGH has identified eight key styles – Grey All The Way, Sophisticated Neutrals, Back to Nature, Red Revival, A Touch of Texture, Dark and Stormy, Industrial Chic and Perfect Imperfection.

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Grey all the Way

Grey all the Way includes a wide range of greys. Simple, stylish and versatile, it is the “on-trend colour” for contemporary homes with long-term chic appeal. With the ability to adapt to the personality of any space, grey plays effortlessly with colour and texture. Greys have strong adaptability, which makes them the perfect palette for everyone.

Grey All The Way

Sophisticated Neutrals

Calm and fresh, Sophisticated Neutrals is a palette that has the ability to enlarge a space and emphasise natural light. Subtle but refined shades of crisp white, stone grey, and cool concrete are the most widely used and accessible colours to date. With this trend, neutral colours such as greys, beiges, and off-whites are becoming more sophisticated. 

Sophisticated Neutrals

Dark & Stormy

Dark & Stormy is for those looking to make a statement that is bold and fearless, yet chic and elegant. This dramatic palette will ensure their home stands out from the rest. Incorporating charcoal greys, bitter chocolate, deep ocean shades and gleaming metallics, it is also highly adaptable, equally at home in rural or urban areas, and ideal for showcasing clean lines and architectural detail. 

Back to Nature

Back to Nature draws inspiration from nature, botanical elements, wood, stone and earth. It combines rustic shades of bronze, grey-greens and soft browns to create a feeling of tranquillity, simplicity and warmth; a great palette for bringing a low-key cool look to modern homes while also creating a sense of warmth and welcome. 

Red Revival

With Red Revival, reds are back and in a BIG way! It is both an exciting colour to use as well as being highly adaptable, making it a hot trend for homeowners wanting to make a big style statement. Classic red bricks are making a new statement that feels “confident and strong.” No longer considered the safe suburban choice, they are now celebrated for their natural beauty, classic colour and honesty. 

Red Revival

Industrial Chic

Originally inspired by urban loft and warehouse living, Industrial Chic is created by combining raw materials such as brick, timber and steel. The trend is now spilling over into the residential design scene at the custom architectural design end, which is exciting. Industrial chic inspires a cool modern living that is simple, clean and focuses on functionality. 

Industrial Chic

A Touch of Texture

A Touch of Texture is a mix of rough against smooth, cool with warm, or matt with glossy. This look is all about using different textures to bring depth and interest to the home. Texture is just as effective as colour when it comes to adding character to exteriors and interiors. It also provides a feeling of craftsmanship, especially when using beautiful brick. 

A Touch of Texture

Perfect Imperfection

Perfect Imperfection is ideal for homeowners looking for an imperfect, rustic, handmade look. The beauty of the “handmade” and artisan is showcased in this authentic and unique palette that feels just right for the modern home.

Perfect Imperfection
PGH Bricks 2018 Trends breaks global trends down, making them relevant and livable from a uniquely Australian perspective, so they suit our taste and lifestyle.  
“As designers, we work with people across Australia helping them make decisions about their homes, both inside and out,” says Simpfendorfer. “We know how many decisions need to be made when building or renovating a home and the overwhelming number of products and colours there are to choose from. That’s where PGH Bricks 2018 Trends can help.”

Bricks are always in vogue, and knowing your personal style is the perfect way to streamline the choices you need to make for your home.
“I believe key to knowing your style is about having confidence in what you like, what makes you feel happy, and what you enjoy,” says architect Julian Brenchley. “Look for colours, textures and designs you connect with. Choose finishes and building materials that you like and feel comfortable with, and then incorporate them into your home.” 

Beautiful yet still functional, bricks have the unique ability to straddle both home trends and longevity. “They can be used to perfectly express a trend right now and will still look fantastic for the lifespan of the house,” says Simpfendorfer. 

Brenchley agrees and says there are a lot of reasons to recommend bricks. “Offering many design configurations and placement options, bricks are low maintenance, provide visual interest, endless colour options and don’t require painting. The marketplace is becoming more sophisticated and is looking for high-quality building materials. Bricks can supply this.”
“Get to know bricks and you’ll quickly see how much they have to offer at a wide range of price levels,” says Simpfendorfer.  “See how bricks can create the strong, lasting home of your dreams. It is the perfect way to encapsulate a trend that speaks all about your style.”

PGH has even developed a handy Which Style Are You? quiz online to assist you in finding and defining the style that may suit you best. It’s fun, quick and a simple way to start your design journey.
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