Meet the latest crop of Blockheads, ready to tackle the biggest renovation challenge of their lives!
Together with Channel 9, we've pulled together some fun and interesting facts about this year's contestants.

Harry & Tash
The Block's first-ever dad and daughter team won't have any issues finding where the new site is - they live in the next suburb over!

Harry is known for his traditional gyros on the spit, and extended family come from far and wide for it. As for Tash, she's a big fan of musical theatre and known for busting out a show tune in the car.

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Sarah & George
Self-proclaimed "mad dogs", Sarah and George are from Western Sydney. With his skills as an electrician, they have a trade in their team, but George's real passion in life is his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Sarah is a high school teacher. At home she likes things in perfect order. The plates are perfectly aligned, the jars are labelled, and all the glasses are spaced out equally, facing just the right way.

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Daniel & Jade
The farmers from rural South Australia have three reasons back home for going on The Block: their children.

Their daughter Isla is the main reason they applied for the show. She is one of only eight children in the world identified with a rare chromosome disorder that affects her speech and physical ability. Anything they can win to put towards helping her is worth the struggles of The Block and being away.

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Luke & Jasmin
The Perth couple are parents to two kids, Lola, four, and one-year-old Sonny, and between raising them they've been renovating their own home.

While Luke is a carpenter now, he's had a successful career as a male model in the past — he's also been a DJ on the side too. Jasmin's a part-time kindergarten teacher and runs a tight ship, which we're sure to see on The Block too.

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Jimmy & Tam
The Queensland battlers are ready to take on the show, despite only one of them having building knowledge. Jimmy has been on plenty of sites because he's a plumber, whereas bar manager Tam couldn't even tell you what a spanner is.

If they win, their plan is to use the money to enter the property market, buy a place and turn their lives around. Jimmy is a supporter of the mental health organisation TradeMutt, which is helping to make the mental health of tradies a priority.

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