Meet the latest crop of Blockheads, ready to tackle the biggest renovation challenge of their lives!
Together with Channel 9, Australia’s favourite building show is back and better than ever! For 2023 the teams are renovating homes from the 1950's in the aptly named Charming Street. We've pulled together some fun and interesting facts about this year's contestants.

Kristy & Brett
Kristy and Brett, married for three of their ten years together, are charismatic additions to The Block. Bold and unafraid to stir the pot, they thrive on the unknown challenges the show offers. Hailing from Adelaide, they own a house and have tackled renovations before. 

Kristy, a competitive 34-year-old project manager, embraces a blend of Victorian and modern styles. Brett, 34, a safety advisor with a tiling past, keeps his skills under wraps. Despite occasional bickering, they're a united force, and are ready to dominate The Block. 

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Leslie & Kyle
Meet Kyle and Leslie, a vibrant couple from Perth, WA, who fell in love in a nightclub a decade ago, and married in 2014. Proud parents of Luca, 11, and Archer, 7, they navigate the challenges of parenting, particularly after Archer's autism diagnosis at two and a half. Determined and daring, they secured a spot on The Block after multiple attempts.  

Kyle, 36, a firefighter and sports enthusiast, brings methodical precision. Leslie, 34, an educational assistant with a comedic flair, is studying to become a teacher. They cherish shared adventures and embrace constructive communication, making their journey on The Block an exciting new chapter. 

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Eliza & Liberty
Meet Liberty and Eliza, the dynamic Melbourne-based sisters taking The Block by storm. Despite contrasting personalities – Liberty's a fitness enthusiast while Eliza favors sleep – they're both single and ready to embrace new challenges. Originally from Adelaide, these newcomers to renovations, are seizing this opportunity to break free from their routines. 

Eliza, 37, brings TV experience and a vibrant attitude, while Liberty, 34, a seasoned producer, excels in organization. Their shared journey on The Block is a bold leap out of their comfort zone, proving that anyone can tackle the unexpected with determination and teamwork.


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Leah & Ash
Hailing from Brisbane, meet Leah and Ash, a married couple joining The Block with their dynamic chemistry. They're excited to explore their potential on this new level of renovation challenge. With ample experience, they're one of the show's more seasoned pairs, currently reviving a dilapidated Queenslander.

Leah, 31, a passionate first aid trainer with a flair for bold and distinctive design, aims to craft a modern art/deco marvel. Meanwhile, Ash, 38, a builder, embraces practicality. Having met on Tinder, their tight-knit partnership promises a captivating journey as they venture beyond their comfort zone.

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Steph & Gian
Hailing from Sydney, meet Steph and Gian, The Block's youngest contestants at 27. Childhood sweethearts who met in school, their bond has endured, culminating in a glamorous wedding last year. With a recent home renovation under their belts, they're well-prepared for the challenges ahead.


Steph, an architect, brings a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design, while Gian, a start-up worker with a knack for finance and problem-solving, excels in budgeting. Communication is their strength, even through occasional disagreements.

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