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As one of Australia’s largest clay manufacturers, we offer an extensive collection of durable, stylish, and timeless brick facings (also known as brick tiles) for residential, architectural and commercial projects across the Australian east coast.


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 More texture, more colour, more choice

Experience the timeless beauty of genuine clay brick on internal walls, splashbacks and feature walls to create truly striking retail, hospitality, commercial and residential spaces.

Brick Facings - also known as brick tiles, thin bricks, brick slips, and brick look tiles - allow architectural designs to achieve the enduring, natural beauty of brick as part of any internal space. Brick facings are a great choice for everything from sophisticated office foyers and inviting retail and hospitality spaces through to the warehouse charm of urban living.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you select the perfect brick facing for your residential or commercial project. 


Interested about Brick Flooring? The rugged charm and enduring appeal of bricks can now grace your floors, creating an atmosphere that's both timeless and inviting. Discover how PGH Brick Facings can serve as an alternative choice for flooring. Find out more.

Sustainability is important to us: Whenever possible, we reuse the remaining material when we cut a PGH brick to make brick tiles. 


PGH Brick Facings. Manhattan, Chelsea

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Benefits of Brick Facings

Brick facings (or brick tiles) offer many desirable benefits:

• Natural brick finish in a range of design scenarios with flexible brick patterning

• Match interiors and exteriors through seamless integration with traditional masonry ( our brick tiles are cut from our extensive range of conventional bricks) 

• Lightweight and easy to install 

• Onsite flexibility enables shaping to suit building details and achieve seamless brickwork around corners, windows and doors 

• Can be fixed onto all common substrates 

• Low maintenance 

• Backed by CSR – the name behind some of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted building industry brands



Brick Facings are thin cuts of real brick taken from the face (front) of the brick, typically 18mm thick which are available as a facing (front) or corner (front + side)
PGH brick facings have no height restriction. Any limitations in height would be due to substrate material strength, or the bonding adhesive strength, which designers must consider.
When applying brick tiles to a wall, the process is similar to ceramic tiles. You’ll need to clean and prepare the wall, apply primer or waterproofing where required, and add a suitable adhesive. For more information, please download our brochure located above on this page for details about applying brick facing to a wall.
Brick tiles are incredibly low maintenance! Cleaning is often as simple as mixing warm water with mild detergent and using a mop or cloth to wipe the brick facings down. If your brick tiles are located on the floor, a quick sweep and mop will keep the floor clear of dust and grime, while wall surfaces can simply be cleaned with a sponge or cloth. A mild detergent is recommended, as more harsh chemicals may damage the integrity of the brick.
Because our brick tiles are cut from real brick, the dimensions are quite similar. Standard face brick tiles are approximately 230mm x 76mm, and have a thickness of around 18mm.
As one of Australia’s largest clay manufacturers, PGH Bricks & Pavers offers an extensive collection of durable, stylish, and timeless brick tiles for residential, architectural and commercial projects across the Australian east coast.
We readily stock the Morada range for brick facings. Most other ranges are available, though lead times and MOQ's may apply.
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