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Central Avenue House, located in the one of Brisbane’s most prestigious suburbs St Lucia, offers a unique approach to modern residential architecture. Simply put, the Vokes and Peters build sits alongside a garden courtyard and terrace, creating a beautiful connection between brick and land, with a view that commands attention. Using Copper Glow from the PGH Bricks Smooth range, this two-storey home is a property that encompasses very postmodern detailing into its aesthetic, existing somewhere between traditional architecture and subtle suburban luxury. The use of brick extends from the exterior of the patio into interior living spaces, flooring, and walls – remaining an outstanding feature in all aspects.

By employing unconventional building methods, character was established, pointing to a significant effect on texture, colour, and pattern achieved for the home. There is a careful merging of dark and light elements to capture the very essence of a traditional-yet-unconventional Queenslander. Not only does Central Avenue House work to create a unique balance between its surrounding elements – cityscape, land, and suburban neighbourhood streets – it offers a build that feels representative of the quintessential family home in the Sunshine State.

Architect: Vokes and Peters
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

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