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When using brick in your home with the desire to create a bold statement, there are infinite opportunities when it comes to colour, shape, size, patterning and location. You can create a diverse range of luxurious, forward-thinking and stylish looks both in your indoor and outdoor spaces by utilising the flexibility and authentic look of real, natural brick.
We’ve put together some ideas for how you can embrace the beauty and boldness of brick in your home with our newly refreshed Morada range. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, there’s never been a better time to look into the Morada range now that the government has announced their new $25,000 HomeBuilder grant. This financial boost to your project will allow you to upgrade your brick choice to ensure you’re achieving exactly the look you want. You can find out more about the HomeBuilder grant in our blog HERE.

Our Morada range consists of bricks that represent the epitome of luxury, using ultra-fine clay combined with a range of gorgeous dark, warm and neutral tones to suit any home - whether you are going for a dramatic, modern or rustic and down-to-earth look.

To see just how beautiful Morada bricks are in person, you can easily order a free sample to be sent to your home by clicking HERE.

Brick flooring

Using bricks as flooring is a fantastic way to add sleek and modern charm to home builds. Sustainable and natural materials such as brick offer a distinct character that is difficult to emulate, so bricks are the perfect choice for period and country interiors (as well as being flexible across more modern, sleek settings also).

Home renovation and design experts Cedar & Suede recently chose to use the sophisticated and neutral Ceniza bricks from our new luxury Morada range as brick flooring in one of their projects. Using a linear shape of brick and laying the brick in a herringbone pattern, a brick facing option was chosen for reliability and convenience. The result is a fresh, clean look that really opens up the space, providing a lightness to the design.


Former Wallabies Captain Stephen Moore and his wife Courtney collaborated with award-winning architect Tim Stewart and renowned construction company GRAYA to bring stunning architectural features like bold archways into the design of their forever home in Paddington, Brisbane. Using archways and other brick architectural features like cornices is a fantastic way to add interest to home builds, through breaking up the usual monotony of house exteriors and instead providing interesting shapes and silhouettes.

To create a continual and seamless flow between their indoor and outdoor spaces, the couple built an impressive two-story light grey, smooth brick arch and tower using Ceniza brick from our Morada range. This accentuated the height and scale of their home, framing the unique brick-paved pathway in a matching colour scheme and creating a bold statement with the stunning brick patterning.

You can read our full case study on Stephen Moore’s forever home here.

Using brick indoors

Bringing brick indoors is another great way to make a bold architectural statement within the four walls of your home. Morada brick facings are the perfect material for creating a stand-out feature wall in a colour that complements the tonal scheme of your home (or one that creates a dramatic and fun contrast), and can be used to add character, depth and a warm vibe to your living space.

Utilising exposed brick walls indoors also brings an industrial warehouse vibe to living spaces, which has been a major trend over the last decade and will continue on into 2020. To see which colour of the Morada range would best suit your design vision (and to experience the luxury of the material yourself), you can request a free sample to be sent to your home HERE.


Experimenting with bold brick patterning that varies from the ordinary can bring interest and intrigue to your home by making the most of funky geometric patterns. Our Morada range is available in three different sizes (Standard, Splits and the long, sleek shape of Linear), allowing you to choose the perfect shape to fit with your design vision and create striking, stand-out patterns on both the exterior and interior of your home.

Common brick patterns include running bond, stack bond, basket weave and diagonal basket weave, but experimenting with less common patterns like ‘hit and miss’ brickwork, herringbone (named because it resembles fish bones in a zigzag pattern) or Spanish bond can provide you with infinite design possibilities.

The designers of the U60 Dining Project in the CBD dining precinct at Pyrmont in Sydney embraced brick patterning using bricks from our Morada range to create an interior that opened up the space for their customers in a truly beautiful way.

Blanco from the Morada range was used to support a relaxed, urban precinct that boasts the highest end of luxury with the smoothest finishes in solid, colour-through bricks on the interior walls. Bringing European style combined with the natural decor and lighting, innovative brick patterning was used to modernise the space and create a fantastically elegant dining room for the public.

Outdoor living spaces and fireplaces

Bringing the outdoors in (and vice versa) is part of our quintessential Australian culture. Our natural environment is stunning and we have beautiful weather all year round, so why not make the most of it and create a gorgeous outdoor living space for your family? You can make a bold and luxurious design statement in your home by using brick to create features like outdoor fireplaces, patios and retaining walls.

The ultra-smooth textures of our Morada range make it the perfect choice for creating chic and luxurious outdoor elements like fireplaces, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchen splashbacks. You could use fresh white Blanco bricks to create a beachside-vibe outdoor fireplace, or use the super shiny Nero Gloss bricks to cover a dramatic outdoor kitchen splashback. The only limit is your imagination! The Hunters Hill House in Sydney’s Lane Cove is a great example of using brick to seamlessly bring together indoor and outdoor spaces. Read the full case study here.

Using brick to evoke boldness and luxury

Expanding beyond the traditional, classic ‘red brick house’, brick is now the perfect choice in the most luxurious of home builds. The Morada range of bricks represents the beauty of contemporary style and design, providing clean lines, divine colours and ultra-smooth textures that set a new benchmark for building in luxury.

Available in a wide range of dark, neutral and warm tones, Morada bricks also come in sleek satin and gloss texture options. Every product in the Morada range is available as brick facings, meaning it’s never been easier to bring the authentic, natural beauty and boldness of brick to both the inside and outside of your home. It’s also never been easier to complete a project in a financial sense, thanks to the government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder grant.

To order your free sample of Morada brick today, click HERE, or call a PGH Sales Representative on 13 15 79.
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