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Choosing the colours of your new home can be one of the most exciting parts of your entire building journey - besides moving in day, of course! However there are so many styles, textures and tones to choose from, it can often be hard to know where to start with selecting.

The facade of your home is made up of 60% bricks, 30% roof and 10% gutter, so it’s important to make sure that these elements all balance and complement each other to ensure a cohesive exterior is achieved.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed when choosing the colours for the exterior of your home, PGH have a variety of tools available for you to make the process easier (and even fun!)

  • Online Style Quiz
  • 3D Visualiser
  • Professional colour consultations at our Selection Centres
Let’s take a closer look at the process for choosing the perfect brick colours for your new home, and the tools available to you during your journey with PGH.

Using our online tools
We find that it’s a good idea to use our online tools before planning a visit to one of our Selection Centres, so that you can come prepared with an idea of the kinds of building styles you like and the feel you’re after for your new home.

We have two online tools that you can use to easily explore the huge range of bricks available at PGH:

  • Style Quiz - This simple and fun online quiz is a great way to discover your personal style and take the first step in your design and building journey. You’ll be matched with a collection from our range that hopefully reflects the kind of home you’d love to live in! Once you’ve been matched, you can explore our Style Guide to dive deeper into the stunning design options that each option offers.
  • Home Visualiser - Our Visualiser tool allows you to choose the architectural style of home you’re planning on building, and then apply different colours and styles to the brickwork. You can choose from pre-styled colour schemes or start with an entirely blank canvas, and will see your design ideas come to life from the comfort of your own home!

PGH Bricks Visualiser

The five steps to choosing your brick colours
  1. Familiarisation

    When you’re ready, plan a visit to one of our PGH Selection Centres. You’ll be able to view our extensive range of bricks, seeing them and touching them to really get a feel for the different styles. Conduct some research online and visit show homes that are built with the products you’re interested in. Use our online tools, as well as browsing our website and social media to familiarise yourself with our ranges.

  2. Choose your brick

    Before you come into one of our Selection Centres for a colour consultation, you’ll need to select the type of brick you’d like to use for your home. This will ensure that the consultation can focus entirely on your colour choices.

  3. Book your Selection Centre appointment

    Call your nearest Selection Centre to book your free colour consultation. You can find your nearest location here. Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email, as well as a reminder call the day before your appointment.

  4. Your brick colour consultation

    Your free one-hour personalised exterior colour scheming service will involve us reviewing your plans, any building covenants, photos and supporting material with you. Our expert consultants will help you choose and coordinate every aspect of your external colour scheme, including bricks, roofing, gutters and fascia, window frames and your garage door.

    What to bring with you to your brick colour consultation
    • Your plans and a drawing of the facade of your new home
    • Any covenants or restrictions on your land
    • Supporting material and photos that you may have taken of homes you like

    What you’ll leave your brick colour consultation with
    • Your exterior facade scheme selection
    • Relevant brick brochures and materials
    • Product samples

  5. Finalise your selection

    When you’ve made your decisions, we’ll record them, send them directly to your builder and provide you with a copy of your selection, your product brochure and product samples.

Selection Centre

What to expect at our selection centres
We have a wide array of bricks and pavers on display in our centres, and we find that there really is nothing like seeing the colours and textures in person - you’ll even be able to take away samples to show your family and friends! Our Selection Centres are your one-stop-shop for brick choice, as we also offer technical advice to help you in your home building journey.

View our Oxley virtual tour here

We’re here to help
Still feeling overwhelmed when it comes to colour? We’re here to help you through every step of your journey! To get in touch with us, submit an enquiry on our website, send us a message through social media, or call us on 13 15 79.

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