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The naturally beautiful cladding material is a blend of regular and irregular shapes which epitomises rustic charm. 
El’ise and Matt’s retro-inspired living room featured the Palisades Ancient Villa Ledgestone product from the PGH Bricks Cultured Stone collection. The naturally beautiful cladding material is a blend of regular and irregular shapes which epitomises rustic charm. The room ‘feels like home’ as described by The Block judge, Neale Whitaker, and the textured stone wall added ‘country Victoria’ to the mix, according to fellow judge, Shaynna Blaze. The off-white mortar contrasts with the darker cultured stone and highlights the different shapes, while the 10mm joint finish minimises shadow for a more streamlined effect.

Neale said that their design and the fireplace put the couple back into contention because of the warmth and “liveability” showcased by the room’s aesthetic.

A ‘tranquil, peaceful space’, the courtyard created by El’ise and Matt featured a generous garden bed which was clad in the Cultured Stone Palisades Ancient Villa Ledgestone. This linked the design of the fireplace in the indoor living and dining rooms with the outdoor spaces. The judges agreed that “the stone cladding on the garden bed pays a lovely homage to the fireplace inside the living room”. A small dining setting was also paired with an in-built timber bench seat to complete the rustic effect of the area. The use of off-white mortar and a 10mm joint finish unified the appearance for an authentic stone finish. This look can be adapted from PGH Bricks' Fresh Naturals style, which is the go-to trend for those wanting to bring the calming effect of nature indoors.

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Cultured Stone is a unique product for creating architectural features. Cleverly engineered to look like natural stone, it contains a minimum of 58 per cent recycled content, and is simple to maintain as painting, coating or sealing after installation is not required.
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The External Facade
PGH Bricks were used to bring new life to the Oslo external facade. Dry Pressed commons were used to restore existing brickwork and Tribeca from the Manhattan range was used to create an Industrial chic vibe. This flowed through to the back of house one and four, creating a warehouse style look and feel to the home.

The garage at the back of House three features PGH Bricks in Metallic Pewter. The Metallic range is a collection of clay extruded, wirecut bricks finished with a subtle metallic sheen to achieve a more opulent effect for contemporary home designs. While the garage at the back of House five features PGH Bricks in Crevole, from the luxurious Coastal Hamptons range.
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