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Bricks the focus in beautifully modern Queensland home
Sitting on a very steep, west facing site with distant views of the Samford Valley, Wooloowin House by NIELSEN JENKINS serves to facilitate and celebrate both gathering and retreat.

With the owners of the property being restaurateurs, it was important for the home to focalise robust and memorable entertaining spaces. The new internal components of the project were required to work largely with the envelope of the existing building, so specifying a material that enabled a beautifully continuous flow from the internal components to the private poolside courtyard was inherently important. By specifying the beautiful Black and Tan bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Smooth range, the architectural team at NIELSEN JENKINS were able to achieve a subtractive consistency throughout that only the pinnacle of Australian building materials could provide.

Working largely within the footprint and structure of the existing home and pool shell to adhere to budgetary restrictions and spatial efficiency, the design required construction techniques and building systems which could absorb and resolve the inconsistencies of the old building, whilst resulting in a design solution that is very particular to site and the homeowners. The team at NIELSEN JENKINS, led by Lachlan Nielsen and Morgan Jenkins specified Black and Tan bricks to overcome this challenge, whilst offering a timeless, smooth-face texture. The bricks blend beautifully with the natural Australian colours presented by the distant view of the Samford Valley and the ferocity of the summer sun, causing fantastic open living spaces.

“We have used them before and love their timelessness” said Jenkins. “There is a good amount of variation in them which leads to a richly textured surface which changes depending on the time of day and season.”

Presented with the challenge of improving a property with a poorly renovated lower floor which spilt out onto an existing pool terrace, and severe structural problems caused by concrete pylons, brick was the standout choice to achieve the desired aesthetic whilst ensuring that the home provided durable, low-maintenance and resilient spaces of varying scale, outlook and orientation.

To enable the family to enjoy the beautiful views offered in their poolside haven, despite the ferocity of the Queensland summer sun, NIELSEN JENKINS integrated a strategy of considered subtraction at the rear of the building which enables a new series of spaces. This allows the family to occupy different areas of the site at different times of day, utilising the outdoor spaces in the cooler hours and retreating to the covered spaces when the temperatures are at their most severe. PGH Bricks & PaversBlack and Tan bricks have also been used in internal spaces allow continuity from the interior of the home to the poolside outdoor entertaining space. The interior brickwork, with Black and Tan used in the flooring as well, creates a strong, clean aesthetic and brings a natural and minimalist, yet stunning and open feel to the existing Queenslander home.”

“We wanted to use a material which would allow continuity from the inside to out. The consistency of the material selection makes a series of quite small spaces feel very generous and connected.”

Supported by builders, PJL Projects and Contractors, IRP Masonry and Graphic Ceramic, Wooloowin House by NIELSEN JENKINS is an exceptionally modern Queensland home. However, the Black and Tan bricks from PGH Bricks & PaversSmooth range maintain the Australian authenticity and heritage of the existing home and location, in a fantastic example a strong, clean residential aesthetic using inspirational Australian natural colours.
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