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Sophisticated Neutrals – The style of 2018


The eternal charm of sophisticated neutrals has been the standout style of 2018 in terms of building trends. Here’s what you need to know about what’s hot right now. 

As Yves Saint Laurent once said, ‘fashions fade, but style is eternal’. There is no doubt that having true style at home is all about creating an aesthetic where you feel comfortable; an elegance that will outlast any passing fads.

PGH Bricks is all about helping you to find your own style when it comes to building your home. We know that more Australians choose brick over any other building material when creating their home. With thousands of years of history behind them, bricks are both stylish and enduring, making them a versatile and lasting choice for exteriors, no matter your design or personal taste.

And, as a new year begins, many potential homebuilders are thinking about a fresh start – a new home, a new project and their dream house. This is certainly the time to start planning.

We have identified eight of the strongest styles for external facades today, compiling an inspiring, practical guide to help you in your decision-making process when you are designing your home.

These eight styles are all classic in nature, yet reflect different ways of living and use a variety of colour palettes. They include: Greys; Sophisticated Neutrals; Back to Nature; Red Bricks; Dark and Stormy; Textures; Industrial Chic and Perfect Imperfection.
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While each style has its share of loyal fans – and take our fun quiz to discover your own style – the standout style for many has undoubtedly been Sophisticated Neutrals.

This modern take on sandy tones, off-whites and beachy shades continues to attract buyers because of its versatility and longevity. Suiting a variety of architectural styles, from the Hamptons look to more modern lines, the perennial appeal of neutrals has never diminished; while shades available have added a new level of sophistication with whites, stone greys, and concretes now in the mix.

Sophisticated Neutrals works as an overall style because of the use of different materials within one colour palette – consider silvery grey concrete matched with mid-grey bricks and dark grey roof tiles, all of which link back into the Texture trend. It’s about layering of tones on tones, each with subtle textural differences. Textural elements in brick facades are becoming more popular with new home builders.  Adding layers of texture within a limited range of brick colours will increase depth and interest in exteriors, while still keeping a neutral base palette and corresponding modern look.

If the Neutrals are a style that speaks to you, you can even download our moodboard for inspiration and to get you started on the materials you might want to consider when building your dream home.
Sophisticated Neutrals - the Style of 2018
Looking for more inspiration? Visit our styles page and get planning. This could be the year your dream home becomes a reality.
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