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Looking to add a textural element to rooms such as kitchens? Take inspiration from Scott Cam, who chose a spectacular herringbone brick floor from PGH Bricks in his kitchen on The Block in 2022. 
Scotty embraced a modern country look in his home on The Block, with textural elements and lots of natural materials, including brick. Using the talents of The Block’s “favourite tilers”, Cursio Tiling, PGH Bricks Chelsea brick facings were used on his kitchen floor, creating a rustic, warehouse feel in the space.
Like pavers, brick flooring is thinner than standard brick. The ultimate durable flooring material, bricks have been used underfoot since Roman times. They can provide a cohesive connection between inside and outside areas, and are especially useful in alfresco areas.

Scotty's kitchen

The bricks even won fans from the installers. Adrian Cursio of Cursio Tiling said the floor in Scott Cam’s home on The Block was “ginormous”, but amazing. . 

“It's something that I've never done before, that's for sure,” he said. “It was something out of the ordinary that you wouldn't generally use. But I think this is going to become the new in-thing. I'll definitely do it myself in my own home. I love it.”

Adrian used a PGH brick facing for the project. “We've laid it in a herringbone pattern right throughout Scotty's kitchen and the rest of his areas, including a border that runs around the whole perimeter. It's fantastic.”

He says that the brick flooring was “beautiful underfoot”. “I thought it was going to be a little bit uncomfortable to be honest, but it's really good. It's a great finish; a great texture.”

The brick chosen for the flooring was Chelsea, part of PGH Bricks’ Manhattan range. And Adrian was full of praise for its recycled-style aesthetic.

“The blend is just magnificent,” he says. “The way it all works together is just beautiful. And it just brings the whole floor to life. It's got such a character about it. And also, I think being farmhouse and having underfloor heating, I think the brick will retain the heat for a long period of time as well. I really like it when the heaters are on. It's beautiful.”



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