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The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your home, whether you are thinking of renovating – or starting a whole new building project. 

It’s such an exciting time. The New Year always feels like it’s filled with opportunities and I get so enthused. So many options! So much to think about!

Choosing to build your home with bricks is a must – more Australians build with bricks than any other material – but you may need some up-to-date information, top tips and inspiration to help you choose which bricks you want for your new home.

There are plenty of colours, textures and styles of bricks now on the market. The decision-making process is lots of fun, but it can be a little overwhelming. This is where the team at PGH Bricks & Pavers comes in. We can help with information, advice and (of course) a great range of products to choose from.

If you are undertaking a new build or a renovation in the near future, these tools will make your selection process easier and seamless.

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Before you get down to details, it’s worth stepping back to think about your own style and what you want in your home before you start. Not sure about your style? I love PGH Bricks’ fun quiz to get you going on the design process. 

With its finger on the pulse, PGH has identified eight design styles here, and it’s a great read. It will help you get your mind around what might work for your home, what won’t and what’s hot right now.

I did the quiz and found out I was Grey All The Way – which wasn’t a big surprise because I really love this new neutral and associated soft concrete shades – but it did help me with some decisions. I love the mood board associated with this style and it was a great way to start on my renovation. Mood boards can help you identify what works for you and your family – plus they make a wonderful reference to show your builder or architect. Use our boards as a beginning and then start adding your favourite furniture, paint colours and accessories to build a complete picture of your new home.

Back To Nature
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No matter what decision you make, there is a brick to suit your style. If you are after a Hamptons aesthetic, consider some of the paler, smoother bricks PGH offers, such as the beautiful new Morada Blanco or Ceniza. For the emerging (and so-hot-right-now) mid-century style, go for classic bricks in warm, reddish tones, such as Copper Lustre from the Urban Metal range (a beautiful glazed brick) or McGarvie Red, which both complement the naturally stained timber detailing of this design.

Finding it hard to visualise a full brick wall from the sample on the internet? Visit a PGH Bricks Selection Centre or a display village, so you can see bricks in situ on a finished home and decide which one suits you best. 

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However, it’s not just about the colour of the brick. The shape, size and texture of the bricks you choose will also influence the overall look and feel of your house. 
One of the big current trends in exteriors, texture adds character, charm and individuality to a home. Choose from a smooth finish, which has a consistent surface and ceramic-like appearance with straight edges, to a more artisan style of effect, with a rugged appearance. You can even get glazed bricks that have a shiny porcelain look for feature walls or beautiful crafted Sandstock bricks that give a home an authentic, raw beauty.
Increasingly, architects and builders are being creative with the shape of bricks – often selecting a linear shape or a split brick to add an extra element of modernity. You can also try different bonds, which is the way the bricks are laid. Stacked bonds are also popular, and look great on a feature wall or an alfresco area, or you could try the Flemish bond, which adds a European sensibility.
There is also a great deal of useful information in our article on How to Choose a Brick, particularly about types and sizes of bricks available and bond styles. 


Author: Lynne Testoni

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