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Michael and Carlene Duffy tasked themselves with transforming their alfresco dining area into a beautifully modern entertaining space. The new space would become the star attraction of their Tallebudgera home on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The couple, owners of interior design studio Cedar + Suedefelt their existing alfresco area didn’t match the look and feel of the rest of their recently renovated home. With the rest of the home rejuvenated, refreshing the alfresco entertaining space became an urgent project. The goal was to reimagine the commonly used space so it would match the rest of the home.

“I’ve always felt self-conscious about this side of the house,” Michael explained. “We put a lot of time and money into the other side, and it looks great.


A modern flooring alternative

The existing flooring in the Duffy’s alfresco area felt out-of-place when compared to the rest of the home. It didn’t function as intended, and its ceiling needed some work.

To solve the problem, the couple specified Ceniza Linear as facings from PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Morada range. This would open up the space and add the intricate detail that it deserved.

“As entertainers, this is the space that we use the most,” Carlene said. “It was not quite right in terms of what was on the floor and how it functioned. The ceiling was also a bit sagged.”

The below video features Michael and Carlene Duffy explaining their choice of flooring on episode 8 from season 2 of Ready, Set, Reno.




The benefits of bricks as flooring

When discussing their choice of flooring for their alfresco, Carlene spoke with enthusiasm. She mentioned the aesthetic advantages of bricks and the design flexibility the linear selection offered. She also touched on the practicality of using bricks as flooring – a rising trend with homeowners.

“Offering the natural beauty and style of brick, PGH brick facings can lend a great deal of character to your home.”

“They are actually a cut brick, and they feel so good under your feet; it’s almost like a massage. But on a practical level, they are super slip resistant.”

As identified by industry association Think Brick Australia in their Brick Floors Fact Sheet, slip resistance is important when selecting a brick for brick flooring, along with other factors such as hardness and durability. The brick must be able to cope with heavy objects and foot traffic. It also must have “a mean coefficient of friction of not less than 0.4” to minimise the chance of falls, particularly when wet.


Are you considering linear brick facings for your home?

Linear brick facings are a great choice for many projects around the home. They are a versatile product often selected by homeowners to create stunning feature walls, internal walls, flooring, and even splashbacks. Offering the natural beauty and style of brick, PGH Bricks & Pavers’ brick facings can lend a great deal of character to your home.

While enthusiastic DIYers may make the design choice to feature brick facings in their next project and select their preferred product, we recommend they engage a professional for assistance with the install. This will ensure that the product is handled and installed correctly for the best finish.

For more inspiration on using linear brick facings as flooring in your home, check out our Wooloowin House Case Study. This project used PGH Bricks & Pavers’ Black and Tan bricks from the Smooth range as flooring to create continuity throughout the home.

Read more about the benefits of brick facings or call PGH 13 15 79 for more information.

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