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The LOVE Building in North Melbourne has used PGH Bricks to pay homage to the decorative use of brickwork in local Victorian architecture, and to overcome the challenges involved with designing a medium-rise building in a mixed-use precinct.

CHT Architects specified the use of Flame Red from PGH Bricks Smooth range for the four-storey residential building. PGH Smooth bricks are characterised by clean edges, sharp lines, consistent colours, and refined textures, making it the ideal choice for a contemporary North Melbourne build.

Taking cues from brick expressionism, the bricks were set in a decorative pattern to spell the letters L-O-V-E across the main façade’s balconies and canopies, to maximise the building’s visual appeal.

The use of red brick in The LOVE Building was important for tying the project in with the existing heritage of the North Melbourne streetscape. A vital influence during the project’s design process was its site, as the concept of the project evolved to showcase both the functional and aesthetic qualities of PGH Bricks product.

Architect: CHT Architects
Photographer: John Gollings

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